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Virginia Department of Forestry

The Virginia Department of Forestry is responsible for: 

  • protecting 15.8 million acres of forest land from fire, insects and disease;
  • managing 19 State Forests and other state lands totaling more than 55,142 acres for timber, recreation, water, research, wildlife and biodiversity; 
  • assisting non-industrial private forest landowners through professional forestry advice and technical management programs.


Land conservation grants/funding:Forest Legacy Program

Mapping/data resources: Virginia Forest Resource Information Mapper, Forest Resource Assessment, Forest Land Use Mapping; Forest Inventory and Analysis, Wildfire Risk Analysis (each available online at

Land conservation priorities: Forest easements and acquisitions

Conservation programs:Forest Stewardship, Riparian Restoration, Urban and Community Forestry

Quick Facts

Virginia Department of Forestry
900 Natural Resources Drive, Suite 800
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Contact Information

Phone: (434) 977-6555
Fax: (434) 296-2369

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