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Virginia Public Access Lands


The Public Access Lands dataset includes properties from the Conservation Lands Database with open, restricted and by permission public access.   The Conservation Lands Database includes properties considered protected through permanent conservation easement and/or through protective management.

Data Layer Description


VA Dept. of Conservation and Recreation, Natural Heritage



Scale: 1:24,000 or better


This dataset was derived in 2010 from the Conservation Lands Database, and based on an analysis of public access details in conserved lands source data.  It was originally funded by a Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program grant (NOAA; NA 08NOS4190466) and later expanded to include the whole state.  These data are managed by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Natural Heritage and periodically updated.  These lands may be subject to certain access restrictions due to various management practices such as wildlife management, maintenance, staffing constraints, etc.

How to get the data layer

Contact David Boyd at VA-DCR.

How you might make use of this data layer

This database can be used in tandem with the conservation land database to show what areas are accessible to the public for recreation and other uses.

How to get more information

Contact David Boyd at VA-DCR.

Access and use constraints

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VA-DCR Natural Heritage. Public Access Lands Database, 2013.

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