Wild Resource Conservation Grants

Administering Agency

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources


To maintain, manage, enhance and restore Pennsylvania's native wild flora and non-game fauna and their habitats.

Who Can Participate

Counties, other municipalities, tax-exempt 501(3) (c) organizations registered with the Bureau of Charitable Organizations and educational institutions are eligible to receive grants from the Environmental Stewardship Fund (ESF) for projects intended to protect and conserve biological diversity. Conservation Districts and municipal authorities are also eligible for some types of projects funded by ESF. Individuals, state government agencies and for-profit businesses, in addition to the categories above, are eligible for Wildlife Resource Conservation Fund (WRCF) monies but not ESF monies. The great majority of the funds available through this solicitation are expected to be ESF monies. Therefore, applicants are strongly advised to seek a sponsoring organization that is eligible for ESF monies. The full legal name of the sponsoring organization must be used on the application form and, for 501(3) (c) organizations, must be the same name as is registered with the Bureau of Charitable Organizations and with the Internal Revenue Service.

How it Works

These grants fund four types of projects: 1) identification of species and natural communities most at risk from climate change; 2) species inventory and monitoring; 3) sustainable energy extraction and transport; and 4) critical conservation needs. A minimum 10% cash or in-kind match is required to demonstrate the applicant’s serious commitment to the project.  Matching support at that level or higher will be expected for all projects except those granted an exemption.  Match amounts greater than 10% will enhance a proposal’s chances of being funded. Cash match and non-cash match will count equally toward the match.  Cash match must be a source of funds other than ESF or WRCF.  Non-cash match is the performance, at no cost to the grantee, of a portion of the approved scope of work.  The performance of this work must be documented, and must be in lieu of work otherwise charged to the grant.  The two types of non-cash match are: 1) Donated service [professional service] (claimed at the firm’s or individual’s normal billing rate times the number of hours worked) and 2)Volunteer service [non-specialized labor]  (claimed at the normal hourly labor rate for the type of work performed times the number of hours worked). 

How to Get More Information

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