Growing Greener Watershed Grants

Administering Agency

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection


The purpose of the grant is to address nonpoint sources of pollution such as abandoned mine drainage, urban and agricultural runoff, atmospheric deposition, on-lot sewage systems, earthmoving, stream hydromodification and timber harvesting through restoration of watersheds and streams, reclaim mined lands, and remediation.

Who Can Participate

These grants are available to a variety of eligible applicants, including: counties, authorities and other municipalities; county conservation districts; watershed organizations; and other organizations involved in the restoration and protection of Pennsylvania's environment.

How it Works

The Environmental Stewardship and Watershed Protection Act authorizes the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to allocate nearly $547 million in grants for acid mine drainage abatement, mine cleanup efforts, abandoned oil and gas well plugging and local watershed-based conservation projects. These projects can include watershed assessments and development of watershed restoration or protection plans; implementation of watershed restoration or protection projects (stormwater management wetlands, riparian buffer fencing and planting, streambank restoration; construction of mine drainage remediation systems; reclamation of previously mined lands; and demonstration/education projects and outreach activities.

How to Get More Information

Contact 717-772-5642 or 

Visit the Watershed Grants page at the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection

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