Corridors in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s complex topography and geographic position within the mid-Atlantic region creates a series of important wildlife corridors that converge on our state.   One of the most well-known corridors is Kittatinny Ridge, which runs from New York, southwest through New Jersey, and into Pennsylvania.  Strong updrafts and thermal currents enable raptors, songbirds, and other bird species to travel along its 250-mile length.  The annual fall and spring bird migrations are phenomena that bring thousands of birders and wildlife enthusiasts to the region to watch millions of birds use this important east coast flyway.

Other Pennsylvania features such as Tuscarora Mountain, the Allegheny Front and the Lake Erie shoreline provide migratory corridors to birds and other species.  Our forested ridges also provide pathways for terrestrial mammals, reptiles and amphibians to move throughout the region.

Pennsylvania has invested in the planning and implementation of a network of recreation and conservation orientated greenways through a series of county-based planning projects.  Many of these corridors provide for the passage of wildlife, in addition to providing recreational opportunities.

Learn more about Pennsylvania DCNR's Greenways project.

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