Maryland GreenPrint

GreenPrint embodies the Bay State’s commitment to strategic land conservation by applying the best environmental science and geographic information systems to the work of preserving and protecting environmentally critical lands. Greenprint not only informs present-day land conservation decisions, but also builds a broader public constituency that understands and supports the need for sustainable growth and land preservation decisions.

GreenPrint provides the people of Maryland with an effective means of preserving and managing its lands and safeguarding a rich quality of life for future generations. The program’s threefold purpose is to

  • Use the most up-to-date computer mapping techniques to identify the most important unprotected natural lands in the state
  • Maintain or establish connections between these lands through a linking system of corridors
  • Save these lands through targeted acquisitions and easements

GreenPrint protects the ecological vitality across each region of the state, including forests, parks, greenways, and wetlands. These proactive steps will help Maryland ensure cleaner air and cleaner water for citizens and preserve important habitats from sprawling development to benefit native waterfowl, animals, and plants.

GreenPrint also enables Maryland’s state agencies to work together and coordinate the efforts through programs designed to protect our most ecologically valuable areas.

Maryland GreenPrint Map Layers

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