Climate Change Wetland Adaptation Areas


As sea level rises, wetlands along the coastline may move landwards in response. Wetland Adaptation Areas identify areas likely to be important future wetland habitats and/or that provide migration or transition zones for wetlands to move landward as sea levels rise.  Areas are ranked as High, Medium or Low, reflecting their conservation value as a wetland adaptation area.

Data Layer Description


Maryland Department of Natural Resources


Coastal Maryland

Scale: unknown


This dataset represents forecasted wetland adaptation areas for the year 2100 that would help to facilitate landward movement of coastal wetlands subject to dislocation by sea level rise. Priorities for conservation value were based on 1) maintaining particular wetland classes, upland areas suitable for future wetlands, a diversity of wetland types and intact or continuous natural habitats and 2) avoiding features (e.g. impervious surface or hardened shorelines) that would constrain landward movement.

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Kevin Coyne
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Tel: 410-260-8985

How you might make use of this data layer

This data layer identifies areas important to conserve for wetland habitat in the year 2100.

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Visit Maryland DNR's Coastal Habitats and Sea Level Rise page.

Or contact Catherine McCall
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Tel:L 410-260-8737

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Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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