Offshore Wind Speed


This data layer provides average offshore wind speed in meters/second at a height of 90m for the United States.  September 2009.

Data Layer Description


US Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

What this data layer represents

This layer provides information on the wind resource development potential for the coastal and Great Lakes areas of the United States.


United States


These data were compiled from different sources: some offshore wind resource data was originally estimated by AWS Truewind as part of an onshore wind mapping project then interpolated to 90m elevation and extrapolated to 50 nautical miles from shore by NREL.  Some data were produced by AWS Truewind using their Mesomap system and historical data. 

How to get the data layer


Donna Heimiller
GIS Scientist
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

How to get more information


Steven Haymes
GIS Scientist
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1617 Cole Blvd.
Golden, CO 80401

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