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Maine Damselfly and Dragonfly Survey

Insects in the order Odonata, damselflies and dragonflies, are a significant and conspicuous component of Maine's wildlife diversity. At this time 158 species have been documented in the state, comprising nearly 36% of the total North American odonate fauna (435 species)! Considering the distribution and habitat associations of odonates in neighboring states and provinces 5 to 10 additional species may yet be awaiting discovery in Maine. Factors contributing to Maine's odonate wealth include the state's large size and its diversity of landforms and unspoiled wetland ecosystems. Additionally, Maine holds a unique geographic position, providing habitats for species with both boreal affinities and more southerly Appalachian and coastal plain associations. Indeed over half of the state's odonates are comprised of species that reach the edge of their latitudinal range in Maine. 

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