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Scarborough Marsh

Covering more than 3,000 acres, Scarborough Marsh is the largest contiguous salt marsh system in Maine. Salt marshes filter pollution from the water and provide food and shelter for numerous species of birds, fish, mammals, and shellfish. Given the wildlife productivity and habitat diversity in this area, Scarborough Marsh is arguably the most significant of Maine’s coastal Focus Areas. The Focus Area also includes Scarborough Beach and its dunes, which are essential habitat for piping plovers and least terns.

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  • Featured Places in Maine

    The places featured here on LandScope Maine are all designated as Focus Areas of Statewide Ecological Significance and represent some of the richest concentrations of biological resources statewide, while also providing excellent recreational and exploration opportunities, making them some of Maine's real gems.

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  • Saving Fuller Farm

    by Land for Maine's Future
    Lying in Maine's fastest growing community, Fuller Farm's 180-acre mix of hayfields, grasslands and woodlands had been a wildlife resource for generations of residents in the local town, Scarborough. Creative and committed efforts have now protected this unbroken land treasure.

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