Conservation Tools

Conservation Plans in the Gulf

This catalog of plans serves as an extensive (not exhaustive) list of Gulfwide plans.  From these plans the SCA project team was able to identify the priorities and values that land conservation can address. 

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Conservation Prioritization Tool - alpha version

The Conservation Prioritization Tool will enable users to evaluate areas of land conservation interest along the gulf coast according to user defined preferences.  The tool integrates the RESTORE goals along with the shared gulfwide priorities identified through plan review and stakeholder engagement. The Conservation Prioritization Tool was constructed utilizing a multi-criteria decision analysis framework which maximizes flexibility and transparency. The tool provides two pathways for users to evaluate areas of conservation interest. The first path allows users to evaluate projects, or areas of conservation interest, against a model simulation of various weighting schemes.  The second path enables users to adjust the values and weights given to each of the goals and priority attributes. Click here to test-drive this alpha Conservation Prioritization Tool and follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.  Let the SCA Project team know what you think about the tool by answering a short survey

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