Goals of the Strategic Conservation Assessment

Develop a tool that prioritizes landscapes based on RESTORE Council Goals, as defined in their Comprehensive Plan:

  1. Restore and Conserve Habitat: Restore and conserve the health, diversity, and resilience of key coastal, estuarine, and marine habitats
  2. Restore Water Quality and Quantity: Restore and protect the water quality and quantity of the Gulf Coast region’s fresh, estuarine, and marine waters
  3. Replenish and Protect Living Coastal and Marine Resources: Restore and protect healthy, diverse, and sustainable living coastal and marine resource
  4. Enhance Community Resilience: Build upon and sustain communities with capacity to adapt to short- and long-term changes
  5. Restore and Revitalize the Gulf Economy: Enhance the sustainability and resiliency of the Gulf economy

USFWS Steve Hillebrand

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