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Endemic Vertebrate Animals List

Florida supports an extraordinary diversity of animals with roughly 700 species of freshwater and land vertebrates. The ancient dune system of the Lake Wales Ridge in the central peninsula is home to numerous endemic animal species. These sand ridges were once islands surrounded by a vast sea, isolating animals that evolved into unique species.

This listing of Florida’s endemic and near-endemic vertebrate animal species includes the global and state rank for each, followed by its designated federal and state legal status. For a detailed description of species rank codes visit the Species Rank Explanations page.



  • Etheostoma okaloosae (Okaloosa Darter) - G1 S1 LE LE
  • Fundulus seminolis (Seminole Killifish) - G5 SNR N N
  • Jordanella floridae (Flagfish) - G5 SNR N N
  • Notropis melanostomus (Blackmouth Shiner) - G2 S1 N LE



  • Rana okaloosae (Florida Bog Frog) - G2 S2 N LS



  • Neoseps reynoldsi (Sand Skink) - G2 S2 LT LT
  • Rhineura floridana (Florida Worm Lizard) - G4 SNR N N
  • Sceloporus woodi (Florida Scrub Lizard) - G3 S3 N N
  • Stilosoma extenuatum (Short-tailed Snake) - G3 S3 N LT
  • Tantilla oolitica (Rim Rock Crowned Snake) - G1G2 S1S2 N LT
  • Tantilla relicta (Florida Crowned Snake) - G5 SNR N N



  • Aphelocoma coerulescens (Florida Scrub-jay) - G2 S2 LT LT



  • Eumops floridanus (Florida bonneted bat) - G1 S1 N LE
  • Podomys floridanus (Florida Mouse) - G3 S3 N LS

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