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Southwest Florida Water Management District

One of five water management districts in Florida, the Southwest Florida Water Management District is directed by state law to manage and protect water resources within its boundaries. The District’s region encompasses all or part of 16 counties in west-central Florida. The District’s headquarters is located in Brooksville. District service offices are located in Bartow, Lecanto, Sarasota and Tampa.

The District’s responsibilities include flood protection, managing water supplies, protecting water quality and preserving natural systems like rivers, lakes, wetlands and the associated uplands. A 13- member Governing Board oversees District activities. Members are unpaid volunteers appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate to set policy and administer the budget.

The District’s primary funding source is ad valorem property taxes. Revenue is also derived from state and federal appropriations, permit fees, interest earnings and other sources. The District contributes funding and technical expertise to local governments for water conservation, stormwater improvement and alternative water supply projects. The District also funds habitat restoration and other water-related activities, such as creating minimum flows and levels for priority water bodies within the District.

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