Get Connected Through Citizen Science

Get Connected Through Citizen Science

Get Involved in Citizen Science

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science is scientific research in which the public participates. Teams of average citizens, typically led by a trained scientist, help expand the resources available for collecting scientific data for projects, some of which wouldn’t be feasible without such help.  Some projects, such as Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count have been ongoing since 1900, and the scale of citizen science projects can be huge.

How Does Citizen Science Help To Conserve Corridors?

Citizens can help significantly with finding and documenting corridors through simple observation. Advances in technology such as email, digital cameras, GPS units, and other mobile devices are helping citizens across the nation collect such data and collaborate remotely with others. Below is an overview of a few citizen science projects.

Citizen Science Highlights

Witness for Wildlife

Originally an initiative of Freedom to Roam, Witness for Wildlife (W4W) is now its own citizen naturalist community dedicated to chronicling and protecting North America's wildlife corridors.

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