East Cascades Mesic Montane Mixed-Conifer Forest and Woodland

This ecological system is composed of variable montane coniferous forests typically below Pacific silver fir forests along the crest east of the Cascades. This system also includes montane forests along rivers and slopes, and in mesic "coves" which were historically protected from wildfires. Most occurrences of this system are dominated by a mix of Douglas-fir with grand fir and/or western hemlock. Several other conifers can dominate or codominate, including western red-cedar, lodgepole pine, western white pine, and western larch. Grand fir and other fire-sensitive, shade-tolerant species dominate forests on many sites once dominated by Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine, which were formerly maintained by wildfire. They are very productive forests in the eastern Cascades which have been priority stands for timber production. For more information, see NatureServe Explorer.

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