National Park Trust


Operational Area and Acreage

Counties of Operation

No data is available

Acres Conserved

State Total Owned Under Easement Other**
Arkansas 2,000   0   2,000   0  
California 200   0   0   200  
Colorado 190   0   0   190  
Kansas 10,894   0   0   10,894  
Kentucky 190   0   0   190  
Maryland 36   0   0   36  
Pennsylvania 135   0   0   135  
No data is available

**This figure includes land that has been acquired by land trusts - whether through purchase, donation or by another means - and subsequently has been transferred to a public agency. It also includes land protected through other methods such as negotiating and preparing for acquisition by other organizations or agencies.

Quick Facts

National Park Trust

401 E Jefferson St Ste 207
Rockville, MD 20850-2627

Contact Information

Phone: (301) 279-7275
Fax: (301) 279-7211


Alliance member since: 2000

This organization has adopted the 2017 Standards & Practices

This organization has adopted the 2004 Standards & Practices

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