Younker Easement

Project Description

The donation of this conservation easement permanently protects an 8.91-acre farm property south of Dellinger Road in Washington County, MD. The property includes a forested riparian buffer along a small stream and the C&O canal. The easement requires that a 100 foot vegetated riparian buffer be maintained. Forest: native, deciduous forest Wildlife: turkey, geese, hawks, vultures, owls, woodpeckers, swallow, bobcat, red fox, white tailed deer, rabbit, squirrels, chipmunks and frogs. The forested area of the property contains Forest Interior Dwelling Bird Habit...

Project Map

Publicly Accessible: No
County: Washington County, MD
Project Size:
  • 8.91 acres

Project Sites

  • Site 12: 21 (Not publicly accessible)

Goals and Targets

Primary Motivations:

  • Conservation Mission
    TPC's primary focus is to restore water quality by advocating sound policy and promoting thoughtful land management. The Conservancy protects and restores Potomac landscapes by enhancing a network of rivers, forests, and natural areas. MET's mission is to provide landowners with information and tools to permanently protect natural, historic and scenic resources in the state.
  • Public Benefit
    Permanent protection of conservation values, including scenic benefit to the public and water quality.

Primary Goals:

  • The primary purpose of this conservation easement is to maintain the significant conservation values, including water quality, wildlife habitat (including that of rare and endangered species), scenic, cultural, rural, agricultural, woodland, and wetland characteristics of the 8.91 acre Younker property.

Consistent With Plans:

  • Land Trust Strategic Conservation Plan
    The mainstem Potomac River is a Priority Watershed for the Potomac Conservancy.
  • Local Land Use Plan
    The property was rezoned as Historic Preservation in 1999 and is consistent with the county's Comprehensive Plan.

Targeted Habitats:

  • Aquatic
    • Rivers and Streams
  • Human Habitats
    • Agriculture
  • Special Types
    • Cliff and Canyon

Targeted Species:

  • Eastern Leatherwood Dirca palustris
  • Northern White Cedar Thuja occidentalis
  • Smooth Cliffbrake Pellaea glabella
  • Soft Fox Sedge Carex conjuncta

Conservation Actions

Action Status Start Year End Year
Conservation easement Completed -- 2002
Maintain or create natural stream buffers Ongoing Management -- 2002
Easement requires 100' vegetated buffer


Is the success of this project's actions being monitored? Yes

Monitoring Activities
Annual easement stewardship visits by grantee(s)

Any Additional Information About The Project
DNR Natural Heritage also reports the presence of: Cranjonyx dearolfi Sphalloplana sp.1 Houstonia tenuifolia Stygobromus allegheniensis (Allegheny Cave Amphipod) Fontigens orolibas

Quick Facts

Owning Organization

Potomac Conservancy

Managing Organization

Potomac Conservancy
(Non-Governmental Organization)

Contact Information

Emily Warner (Land Protection Manager)
Potomac Conservancy

General Information

Project #: 99839
Last Updated: January 26, 2012

Project Relations

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