Lyre Conservation Area

Project Description

The Lyre Conservation Area is a 280-acre property is located along the Strait of Juan de Fuca, approximately 20 miles west of Port Angeles, just east of the Lyre River. The property contains a portion of the Lyre River estuary, over ½ mile of shoreline, over ½ mile of Nelson Creek, and approximately 2 miles of tributaries to Nelson Creek. There are 20 acres of undisturbed tidelands. The Lyre River enters the strait in the northwest corner of the subject, although the river does not actually flow over any significant portion of the property. These waterways provide habitat for salmon a...

Project Map

Publicly Accessible: Yes
County: Clallam County, WA
Project Size:
  • 280.0 acres

Project Sites

  • Lyre Conservation Area - parking area
  • Lyre Conservation Area - restoration site

Goals and Targets

Primary Motivations:

  • Conservation Mission
    Forest and fish habitat conservation
  • Public Benefit
    Shoreline access

Primary Goals:

  • Protection of a vital estuary for an intact river system, the Lyre River, and critical nearshore salmon migration corridor along the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
    Progress: Acquisition and protection complete.

Consistent With Plans:

  • Habitat Conservation Plan
    Part of this property includes priority #10 in the WRIA 19 North Olympic Land Trust (NOLT) Habitat Conservation Planning project, available at

Targeted Habitats:

  • Aquatic
    • Estuarine
    • Marine
    • Rivers and Streams
  • Forests and Woodlands
    • Mixed Hardwoods and Conifer
  • Wetlands and Riparian Habitats

Targeted Species:

  • Bald Eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus
  • Chinook Salmon - Puget Sound Oncorhynchus tshawytscha pop. 15
  • Chum Salmon - Puget Sound/Straight of Georgia Oncorhynchus keta pop. 5
  • Chum Salmon - Puget Sound/Straight of Georgia Oncorhynchus keta pop. 5
  • Coho Salmon - Olympic Peninsula Oncorhynchus kisutch pop. 6
  • Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus
  • Steelhead - Puget Sound Oncorhynchus mykiss pop. 37

Conservation Actions

Action Status Start Year End Year
Control invasive plants Proposed 2015 2016
Plant native riparian, wetland or aquatic vegetation Proposed 2015 2016
After noxious weeds are removed from the Nelson Creek buffer, re-planting with native vegetation will occur.
Other - Clean ups and contamination management: Removal of structures In Progress 2015 2016


Is the success of this project's actions being monitored? No/Unknown


North Olympic Land Trust is the main managing partner. The Land Trust and local partners bought the property with grants from the state’s Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration (PSAR) Fund, Marine Shoreline Protection Fund, and Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program. The Land Trust also contributed its own money. The previous land owner has also provided a donation to pay for ongoing stewardship of the property. Critical partners include the North Olympic Peninsula Lead Entity, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Puget Sound Partnership, the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, and the Makah Tribe.

Quick Facts

Owning Organization

Pacific Coast Joint Venture

Managing Organization

North Olympic Land Trust
(Non-Governmental Organization)

Contact Information

General Information

Project #: 257081
Last Updated: September 24, 2015

Project Relations


Clallam Conservation District
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe
Makah Tribe
North Olympic Peninsula Lead Entity
Puget Sound Partnership
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


Lyre Conservation Area
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