Does seeding after wildfires in rangelands reduce erosion or invasive species?

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Effectiveness of restoration has been debated recently. This paper presents a a meta-analysis of seeding after rangeland wildfires to determine if seedings (1) stabilize soil and (2) reduce abundance of exotics; based on 8 erosion studies and 19 exotics studies. Seeding effect on erosion is highly dependent upon initial establishment and coverage of species in successive years and has little effect in the first year after fire. Among all seeding cases, 28% reduced, 67% were neutral, and 5% increased invasive species abundance. Older seedings were more likely to show reductions in invasives...

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County: Eureka County, NV

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  • rangeland

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  • The projects collected in this database contain summaries and conclusions from a wide variety of papers regarding restoration research relevant to the Colorado Plateau. Using the search engine, search for a particular species (i.e. Atriplex canescens, fourwing saltbush), type of study (i.e. common garden, reciprocal transplant) or keyword (i.e. ecotype, grazing) in order to view the citations, summaries and conclusions of relevant papers.

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  • Shrublands and Grasslands

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No targeted species were identified for this project.

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Research Completed 2013 2013


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Seeding after rangeland wildfire is modestly effective in stabilizing soil. Approximatley one-third of seedings inhibited exotics.


Pyke, DA, Wirth, TA, Beyers, JL. 2013 Does seeding after wildires in rangelands reduce erosion or invasive species? Restoration Ecology 21: 415–421

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Colorado Plateau Native Plant Program (CPNPP)
(Federal Government)

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Troy Wood
U.S. Geological Survey

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