Conservation Registry User's Guide

Project Description

The Conservation Registry User’s Guide is a comprehensive, 73-page instruction manual. The guide was developed for all Registry users, including basic account holders, portal owners, project managers, and database managers. It is organized into sections based on the functions of the Registry: • Browsing and searching projects in the database • Adding a project to the database • Organizing your projects in My Registry • Managing portals and organizational accounts Although this guide can be used as a reference and troubleshooting guide, it was designed as a step-by-step...

Project Map

Publicly Accessible: Yes
County: Clackamas County, OR
Project Size:
  • 0.03 acres

Project Sites

  • NW office of Defenders of Wildlife

Goals and Targets

Primary Motivations:

  • Conservation Mission
    Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities.
  • Public Benefit
    For more than six decades, Defenders of Wildlife has been a leading force in the protection of wildlife and wild lands. We employ innovative, science-based approaches to protect imperiled wildlife, advocate for wildlife friendly climate and renewable energy policies and conserve and restore native habitat.

Targeted Habitats:

  • Aquatic
  • Forests and Woodlands
  • Human Habitats
  • Shrublands and Grasslands
  • Special Types
  • Wetlands and Riparian Habitats

Targeted Species:

No targeted species were identified for this project.

Conservation Actions

Action Status Start Year End Year
Education Ongoing Management 2012 2013
Created instruction resource for the Conservation Registry


Is the success of this project's actions being monitored? Yes

Monitoring Activities
We respond to emails with suggestions, edits and tips for the next release.

Lessons Learned and/or Suggestions for Similar Activities
Creating this document was a lengthy and complex process. The uploaded pdf file is Version 1.1. Although Registry staff have tested and proofed the manual in-house, there wasn't time for a beta test with multiple users. For instance, we did not create a troubleshooting section. Tips for use have been included throughout the document, but there won't be a true troubleshooting and FAQ section until the next release. Contact Registry staff troubleshooting tips that you have discovered while using the Registry.

Any Additional Information About The Project
Please contact the project manager for any edits, updates or changes you feel need to be included in the next version of the Conservation Registry User's Guide.

Quick Facts

Owning Organization

Defenders of Wildlife

Managing Organization

Defenders of Wildlife
(Non-Governmental Organization)

Contact Information

Kassandra Kelly
Defenders of Wildlife

General Information

Project #: 196876
Last Updated: August 08, 2012

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