Spaid Easement

Project Description

This conservation easement protects 1,657 acres of mixed hardwood and pine forest lying in the Lost/Cacapon River watershed of Hampshire County, WV, a scenic and mountainous rural area. Mixed oaks and chestnut oak dominate the drier, west slopes and ridge tops, but most of the property is in Oak-Hickory forest types. There is some open pasture land. Other public and private lands in the watershed protecting scenic open space and water quality include George Washington National Forest, Lost River State Park, Cacapon State Parks, The Nature Conservancy's Ice Mountain/Raven Ro...

Project Map

Publicly Accessible: No
County: Hampshire County, WV
Project Size:
  • 1657.0 acres

Project Sites

  • Site 1: 1 (Not publicly accessible)

Goals and Targets

Primary Motivations:

  • Public Benefit
    Protection of conservation values, including scenic benefit to the general public and water quality of the Cacapon and Lost Rivers watershed.
  • Conservation Mission
    The Potomac Conservancy’s primary focus is to restore water quality by advocating sound policy and promoting thoughtful land management. The Conservancy protects and restores Potomac landscapes by enhancing a network of rivers, forests, and natural areas. The Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust assists landowners and communities in maintaining healthy rivers, protecting forests and farmland, and preserving rural heritage for the enjoyment and well being of present and future generations.

Primary Goals:

  • The purpose of this conservation easement is to protect the open space and scenic values of the property's relatively natural habitat for fish, wildlife, or plants, or similar ecosystem with significant conservation and agricultural features and to preserve the land from subdivision and development in order to facilitate the economically sustainable production of forest and agricultural resources, and to enhance and protect the conservation values of the property.

Consistent With Plans:

  • Land Trust Strategic Conservation Plan
    The property lies in the Cacapon and Lost Rivers watershed, a Priority Subwatershed of the Potomac Conservancy. The Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust concentrates but doesn't limit its land protection efforts in specific areas where neighbors are encouraging their neighbors to protect land, and where these blocks of protected land connect with public parcels such as the George Washington National Forest and Short Mountain Wildlife Management Area.
  • Forest Plan
    A Forest Management Plan applies to the entire property.

Targeted Habitats:

  • Forests and Woodlands
    • Mixed Hardwoods and Conifer

Targeted Species:

No targeted species were identified for this project.

Conservation Actions

Action Status Start Year End Year
Conservation easement Completed -- --
Other - Enhance stewardship (timber, ranch, farm, urban): Forest Management Plan Ongoing Management 2003 --
Applies to entire property


Is the success of this project's actions being monitored? Yes

Monitoring Activities
annual easement stewardship visits

Quick Facts

Owning Organization

Potomac Conservancy

Managing Organization

Potomac Conservancy
(Non-Governmental Organization)

Contact Information

Emily Warner (Land Protection Manager)
Potomac Conservancy

General Information

Project #: 17193
Last Updated: February 08, 2012

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