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Chesapeake Conservancy

The Chesapeake Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the connection between people and the watershed, conserving the landscapes and special places that sustain the Chesapeake’s unique natural and cultural resources, and encouraging the exploration and celebration of the Chesapeake as a national treasure.

The Conservancy advances this mission through partnerships and citizen engagement; educational programs; land conservation, public access and recreational opportunities; advocacy; and signature initiatives such as the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail and Chesapeake Gateways and Watertrails Network.

The Chesapeake Conservancy envisions a Chesapeake Bay watershed that allows people to connect with many of the values the American Indians enjoyed and Captain John Smith observed during his momentous voyages of discovery, that is: a “goodly Bay” teeming with fish and wildlife, healthy waters and abundant forests, wetlands, shorelines and open spaces; a place of natural wonder and discovery, rich in cultural traditions, treasured and conserved for the benefit of future generations.

The Chesapeake Conservancy believes that by helping educate citizens about the Chesapeake Bay and by providing new opportunities for improved public access, tourism, recreation, and cooperative conservation of its treasured landscapes and ecosystems, we can create a lasting ecological and cultural legacy for the Chesapeake Bay.

This organization was formed through the merger of Friends of the John Smith Chesapeake Trail and Friends of Chesapeake Gateways. While it still maintains a strong focus on advancing these initiatives, the conservancy has expanded its scope to include other landscape-scale conservation initiatives, such as Envision the James.

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