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Partner Tools

Data Basin is a science-based mapping and analysis platform that supports learning, research, and sustainable environmental stewardship. This service is a sandbox for collecting, manipulating, and collaborating on maps.

The Lower Susquehanna River Conservation Opportunities Analyst provides an on-demand prioritization tool that balances multiple conservation needs along the lower Susquehanna River corridor.This tool is meant to provide an overview of the resources and priorities along the lower Susquehanna River to help policy makers and the public identify opportunity areas for conservation investment.

The Watershed Resources Registry is an interactive mapping tool to characterize and prioritize natural resource management opportunities using a Watershed Approach. Areas across Maryland have been scored on a scale of one to five stars based on their potential benefits for restoration or preservation.

The Fish Habitat Decision Support Tool provides resource managers and the general public with access to the extensive spatial data and results produced from multiple fish habitat assessments. The main analytical tools allow users to explore the details of the assessments and perform analyses.

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