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Ponoco Forest and Waters Conservation Landscape

This article is from Pennsylvania Environmental Council

The vision of the Pocono Forest and Waters Conservation Landscape (PFW CL) is to protect and sustain the natural resources of the region. This region has abundant natural resources, including the greatest concentration of wetlands in the state and large tracts of public and private forested lands, such as state and national forests and parks and private hunting clubs that were established in the past and still exist today.

The public benefits from these natural lands encompass a whole host of rewards, such as a sense of community, clean water, stormwater retention, clean air, and an array of outdoor recreation activities.

The goals of the PFW CL are to identify important natural landscape areas for acquisition, easements, and other land protection measures and to engage communities to promote, enhance, and conserve local natural, cultural, and outdoor recreational resources. Additional goals are to identify and create greenway and trail connections to public lands and communities throughout the landscape.

Through this Landscape work, PEC works with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and community partners to connect State Parks and Forests to communities, connect community programs to each other, and connect citizens and visitors to the region’s abundant habitat and outdoor recreation areas. We are uniquely situated to coordinate this regional collaboration, and work is well underway.

The extraordinary partners involved in this work include regional land trusts, sportsmen groups, trail groups, municipal leaders, state agencies, and private citizens working to balance conservation and community – preserving the quality of place that those in the region hold so dear.

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