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Chesapeake Forest Economics


The goal of the Resource Lands Assessment Forest Economics Model is to identify those forests that, if lost, would have the greatest potential to impact the region’s resource-based economy.  Focuses on resource-base associated with forest products industry (does not include other, non-market socio-economic benefits of forest land).

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The Chesapeake Bay Program


Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia


The objective of this analysis was to identify forested lands with the highest economic value.    The identification of economically important forest lands focuses on the potential for future economic benefits associated with timber management activities.  This considers not only the potential economic return from forest harvest operations, but also the long-term economic sustainability of forest land management and the local importance of the timber management and wood products industry.  Other economic benefits related to forest lands, such as tourism and hunting, are not considered in this model.

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This layer is designed to help the user identify forested lands with the highest economic value.

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View methodology here or contact John Wolf.

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Resource Lands Assessment – Forest Economics, Chesapeake Bay Program Office, 2004

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