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Chesapeake Bay States

The Chesapeake Bay watershed and its vast network of streams, creeks and rivers cover parts of six states. Learn more about state-by-state efforts to protect the shared natural heritage of its 64,000 square miles for the benefit of the 17 million inhabitants of the region.

States in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

  • LandScope Virginia

    From its river, bay and sea shores in the east to the Appalachian highlands in the west, Virginia harbors a wealth of natural and cultural riches.

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  • LandScope Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania, which means "Penn's Woods," is still 60% forested, and located at an ecological crossroads, meaning that it plays an important role in conserving many diverse species and habitats.

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  • Maryland

    Maryland's concurrence of northern and southern species and habitats creates an amazing breadth of ecological diversity within the ninth-smallest state in the nation.

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  • LandScope New York

    New York's varied, wide-reaching terrestrial and myriad freshwater and coastal ecosystems are home to an incredible array of life.

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  • LandScope Delaware

    The First State offers a unique setting for conservation with its two major--and very distinct--watersheds: the Chesapeake Bay to the west and the Delaware River to the east.

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  • LandScope West Virginia

    West Virginia's far-reaching panhandles and rugged terrain provide ecological diversity beyond its size. Large blocks of forest and sparse human population across much of the state provide refuges for plants and animals that are declining rapidly elsewhere.

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