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The Camden Hills, which offer spectacular views of Penobscot Bay and the surrounding countryside, are a popular destination both for out-of-state visitors and area residents. Camden Hills State Park sees the highest day-use of any park in Maine without a beach and its visitation keeps growing. The area’s scenic beauty is matched by its ecological significance: the Maine Natural Areas Program has identified the Camden Hills as a “focus area” and The Nature Conservancy has named it a “Portfolio Site for the Northern Appalachian/Acadian Ecoregion.”

With two grants from the Land for Maine's Future Program and assistance from The Nature Conservancy, the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands (BPL) was able to secure four important parcels totaling 264 acres. One parcel buffers the park’s campground, which is the second most popular campground in the entire BPL system. Another 90-acre parcel adjoins Maiden Cliff, a favorite hiking destination, while a third protects Cameron Mountain. The final parcel conserves 4,000 feet of frontage along the Ducktrap River, one of Maine’s eight Atlantic salmon rivers. This project is part of an ongoing effort that has protected 81 percent of the Ducktrap River frontage, helping to sustain critical habitat for this endangered species of fish. The Ducktrap River parcel is an important resource for environmental education, adjoining Tanglewood Camp and 4-H Center (which lies within the park and offers year-round programs for youth and adults).

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