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CPNPP Seed Database

The Colorado Plateau Native Plant Program (CPNPP) seed database is an important resource for both CPNPP staff and agency partners. The database aggregates collection information, including geographic locations of seed collections, made by all CPNPP partners. This data provides a basis for furthering multiple CPNPP goals by allowing for the quantification and visualization of both accomplishments and shortcomings of native plant material development.



The CPNPP database must provide seed collection tracking per species and per accession and present the data in a way that allows for thorough analysis such that trends can easily be spotted and common queries can be quickly and intuitively be answered. Information should include all Seeds of Success data collection fields, accession-level test results, species and accession-level project use and release tracking. Geographic information should allow for the incorporation of seed zone information and facilitate easy integration with existing GIS tools and procedures.


The development of this seed database is on-going. Because the database aggregates data from multiple sources that may or may not have their own data storage standards, there is a great deal of trial and error involved in feeding data into the new database.

To accommodate all involved partners, development will continue to take into account the needs of all users.

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